Peter Smit · Aug 1, 2019

Atelier csp sync error


Im getting this error when trying to sync csp files on Atelier

Synchronization failed: [dev10 is broken] ERROR #5002: Cache error: <STORE>zTS+6^%Library.RoutineMgr.1

This on Cache 2017.1 and Atelier 1.3.144

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As you getting <STORE> error, it is related to the process's memory. So, I think you can solve it easily by increasing the value of maximum memory per process.

It should be by default 256Mb, but, maybe you have too much CSP files. Just temporarily increase maximum memory per process may solve the issue.

I did try to increase it but that didn't fix the problem.

Ok increased it a lot more. Seems to be working now.

How many files did you try to sync?

Could you try to sync less files?

I tried it with just one.

That's strange, then. Maybe, somebody from InterSystems, can say, what's wrong.