Daniel Kutac · Jul 3, 2018

Atelier connection broken error

Hi, every time I launch Atelier for the first time after my PC boot, it reports an error when trying to connect to a server.

Restarting Eclipse solves the issue and it no more manifests until next PC reboot.

Does anyone know how to avoid this issue? I run Windows 10, Java JRE 8

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Thank you Alexander,

I tried to search community for this error but apparently I did not use correct keywords as I could not find previous posts with this very problem.

At least we have a workaround as explained in links you provided.


Actually, advices given in other answer are quitec contradicting, one says install glassfish whilst other says uninstall glassfish.

Why is Atelier at all trying to use glassfish?

indeed, this seems to fix the issue!

Interesting! I've been suffering from the same problem, so I've just added those two lines in the hope they're a solution. Time will tell...

Started having the glassfish issue again (macbook pro). Adding these 2 lines to the config.ini fixed it for me. 

btw, On the mac you have to open the folder containing eclipse then right click and select "Show Package Contents" to see the /Contents/Eclipse/configuration/config.ini


also try to put following lines in /configuration/config.ini