· May 10, 2016

Modifying "New Class" template

Hi -

I would like to change the initial text that is generated by the New Class wizard in Atelier, but I'm not sure if I can or where to go to make the modification. I have a specific format for initial classes, and the wizard generated code isn't cutting it for me. I know it's trivial to take the generated text and just modify it, but if I could only have to do that in the wizard, that would be better.

The more generalized question is, which wizard output can be safely changed without fear of losing the change on upgrade, and where are these?



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Hi Chip,

Currently you are not able to add/edit the ones we provide, but it's planned work.

A workaround for now would be to create a template in Eclipse (Preferences > Atelier > Templates > New...). Once you have that template, you can either create a new file (File > New > Other > General: File), or just create an empty class file and delete the stub we provide, then press "Ctrl + Space" to enter your custom stub.



Getting closer...


OK, So I've created my "new template", but I do not see ANY place where ANY of these templates are callable (my new one or any of the shipped ones). There is nothing I can see in any of the "help" files that indicate where or how these templates are called in any context.

I'm clearly missing a step or connection someplace...

How do I actually USE a new template? (my new thing isn't showing up on the "Templates" list, even after cycling Atelier)