Fernando Beira · Jul 10, 2020

Atelier issue when connected to a docker instance

Hello, guys!

I'm facing a problem when I compile my code in Atelier (version 1.3) when connected to an Iris Community instance in Docker container. 

When compiling, the code is synchronized with the server correctly, however, in the IDE, the code is inserted into the class again.

Class after compile:

Server side:

With an instance outside the container this does not happen.

I'm using Docker over WSL2 on Windows 10 Home Edtion.

Could you guys help me with this issue?


Thank You,
Fernando Beira.

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Hello Dmitriy, I already have the extension for visual studio code and it is working correctly, however, I would like to be able to use the wizards for the creation of business services and business operations that Atelier provides, in addition to BPL support.

Please, take a look, it's working on visual studio code:

You can create your own snippets in VSCode.

For example here's snippet code for BS

Class ${1:class} Extends Ens.BusinessService

Parameter ADAPTER = "${2:adaptor}";

Property Adapter As ${2:adaptor};

Method OnProcessInput(pInput As %RegisteredObject, Output pOutput As %RegisteredObject, ByRef pHint As %String) As %Status
    Quit $$$ERROR($$$NotImplemented)

Thanks for the tip Eduard!

I will evaluate that possibility as well.

Hi Fernando,

Strange. I've never seen this before, and it seems like a bug to me.  If no other suggestions appears here, I would reach out to the support team at InterSystems for advice.

If just defining classes and routines, VS Code is another alternative IDE. This is being developed further to bring it in line with the features of Atelier and provides another formidable option.

Of course the more mature IDE is IRIS Studio, another alternative for you, if running on a Windows client.


Hi Steve,

I agree with you, I believe it is a bug, because if I run through an instance outside of Docker Atelier works correctly. Today I already use Studio, however, I would like to use the Atelier to have the versioning feature and mainly the assistants to create the business hosts as I mentioned above to Dmitriy.

I will probably have to contact Intersystems to see this issue.

Thanks for the help!