Thomas Kotze · Nov 2, 2017

Atelier unable to load class Startup


Just today updated Atelier to the latest Beta release.Getting the following error in Eclipse:

Plug-in com.intersys.eclipse.legacy.extension was unable to load class com.intersys.eclipse.legacy.extension.Startup.

Unable to open Atelier perspective.

Does anybody else get this issue, how to go back to previous version?




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The same issue, just updated to latest beta version. Windows 10 x64, java version "1.8.0_152"

I guess that discontinuing Atelier standalone is one way of dealing with the issue Thomas reported wink

Hi, I have never used the Standalone installation. From when we started using Atelier we have installed Eclipse with the Atelier installed as a plugin

Can you delete the com.intersys.eclipse.legacy.extension*.jar plugin from the plugins folder and reboot Atelier to see if it helps?

Having similar issues as well with a lot more errors.  Server explorer will not connect to anything.  Opened a WRC ticket too.  On Mac OS