Hi Michal,

Just to let you know that we introduced the Tabbed Graphical Editor in Atelier 1.2, which gives you an easy access to BPL/DTL editors. Atelier 1.3 then added a few more improvements. If you haven't tried out the latest version, please follow the instructions here on how to update Atelier.


Hi Stefano,

I was trying to run an unreleased 2019.1 docker image. I followed your suggestion but it still doesn't work. Then I tried with a 2018.1.2 docker image and it worked. I will contact support internally.


Hi Erik, the Docker version is 18.06.1-ce and I'm on macOS 10.13.4. How can I check if I'm a member of the docker group? "id -nG" gives me a list and "everyone" is in the list. I also tried the "docker run" command with "sudo" but didn't work either.

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