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I feel that this would be counter productive.  Let me explain why.  There is a fundamental difference in the purpose of journaling versus Auditing.  Journals protect against data loss.  The developers are in a position to determine whether or not a particular update to the database is important to the integrity of the system.  Auditing it to help protect the Security of the data.  Giving a developer the opportunity to turn off an auditing event deemed important to capture kind of defeats that purpose.

It might be worth looking into what this external program is.  Perhaps there is a native api that would accomplish this.  You could also take a look at our gateways to see if you could ingest this external functionality to use directly in Cache.

I'd also look at our IRIS product to see if a migration to that platform would provide the needed functionality or a better pathway to utilizing the external program.

Finally, look at why this external program is called so often.  Perhaps the calls can be optimized to reduce the audit events if this is a major issue.

Weird,  I don't see a log.  That message pretty definitively says we have a license issue.  I had based my earlier response on the fact that He seemed to be able to get some jobs working which would imply that the instances was running.  That wouldn't happen if there was a license limitation exceeded on startup.  As the message indicates the instance just shuts down.  

Mohana, have you been trying this in different environments?

To echo Erik,  please let us know how you are making out!

The Community edition uses a core based license.  It appears that your instance is running successfully and that some routines do execute.  Therefore I do not believe that this is a license issue.  If you had exceeded the number of allowed cores then the instance would not start.  

I would look at the routines that are not executing in the background successfully.  It is possible that they are using Cache syntax that are no longer supported or has changed names.   Try executing these routines in the foreground instead of as a background job.  Verify that you get the results you expect.  If that works try jobbing this off from the terminal session to see if it will run in the background at all.

 I would also examine the log files to see if you are getting any errors that are captured from the background execution.

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