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I was going through some unanswered questions and came across yours. If you could share your spec to DM it to me I can take a look.

However, understand that the %Stream.Object probably contains the JSON payload that you need.  As such you can get your dynamic object with the following command:

set dyObject = {}.%FromJSON(body)

hope that helps.

One way to be sure that the request is or is not reaching IRIS is to go into the IRIS Web Gateway on the web server and use the trace utility to see if the request is coming in and what it looks like.  Turn on the trace, make a request and then come back and turn off the trace.  Also the default on the Web Gateway server definition is the use gzip compression which will make the body unreadable.  You can temporarily turn this off while you do this test.  

Hopefully you are doing this in a development environment so this will have no impact on production.

UPDATE:  One other thing is to check the audit logs for an security issues that you may hit.  This does not sound like the issue for you, but its worth checking.

You should understand that while InterSystems employees are on the community this is really a public forum and not an "official" support path.  Questions are answered by the  community at large when they can.  For people in the forum to help more information is needed.  You indicated you are working with HealthShare however this is really a family of solutions. Which specific product are you referring to?  What part of that product are you trying understand better?  The more specific you can be the easier it is for the community to help.

If you have an immediate need I would suggest that you contact the Worldwide Response Center (referred to as the WRC) for immediate support.  Here is the contact information:

+44 (0) 844 854 2917
0800615658 (NZ Toll Free)
1800 628 181 (Aus Toll Free)


Finally, learning services ( and documentation (docs.intersystems.coms) can be of great help.  For HealthShare specific areas you do need to be a registered HealthShare user.  If you are not work with your organization and the WRC to get that updated.

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