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Without seeing the entire method it is hard to tell.  Accepting that you have proven that the data is being retrieved I would look for issues with how it is being passed on.   The GetMasterOPDataExecute method of a custom query only does setup for the query.  Tasks such as initialization or defining a SQL cursor (if that is what you are using).

The GetMasterOPDataFetch method is what will return rows of data.  If this value is needed at that point you should include it in any information provided in the qHandle parameter.

In case you are not familiar with this I am including a link to the documentation for custom class queries.

Defining Custom Class Queries

You can try signing out of the account.  Then you would have to go through the sign-in process again.  Look for the Accounts icon in the lower left corner of VCS. 


Click it and find the namespace you are logging into in the list.  Click the arrow to the right of the name and sign out.

If you have a folder associated with a namespace that is still blocking you this folder should appear in the Explorer window on the left side of VCS.  Right click the top level of the folder and find the "Remove Folder from Workspace" option.  It should be in the middle of the menu.  That will remove it from your workspace and allow you to switch.

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