Joel Solon · Apr 7, 2016

Where can I edit or delete existing Cache Connections in Atelier?

On the Mac...

I've defined a Cache Connection to my local server. It worked for the last two days, but after an uninstall/reinstall of Atelier, it stopped working. The stack trace has these entries:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Can't read from secure storage node /com.intersys.eclipse.connmgr/ensrc

Caused by: No password provided.

Regardless of the above problem, it made me wonder how I would delete the bad connection, or edit it, to change the Web Server port number for example. I don't see anything in Atelier Preferences. Trying to add a new connection using the same name doesn't work either. Is there a way yet?

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It might be different on Mac, I haven't tried it. But in the Server Explorer view (Window > Show View > Server Explorer) you should see the list of connections and you should be able to delete / edit existing connections.

On my Atelier (1.0.131 on Windows) I have a Server Explorer view on the Atelier perspective:

As well as offering + and x buttons with which to add and delete connections, it also gives me access to the properties of a connection for amendment.

If you don't have the Server Explorer tab visible, look for it as an option on Window\Show View

Server Explorer exists on the Mac and was open. I had only used it to explore the contents of the server. But it also allows editing and deleting of the server connection itself. Thanks!

Spoke too soon. Trying to delete or edit a broken connection fails. I am reporting this.

I never updated this post with the workaround, sorry! The problem is with Secure Storage. You can reset it by going into Atelier > Preferences > General > Security > Secure Storage. Click the Contents tab. Under com.intersys.eclipse.connmgr, you'll see an entry for the connection to the Caché server. Delete that entry, and you should be able to recreate the server connection.