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For those of you that like GUI tools in an IDE, I just installed the Microsoft Docker extension for VS Code. It shows my Containers and Images just like Docker Desktop Dashboard does, and lets me start/stop/launch CLI/inspect etc.

But the real reason I installed it is because there's also a Registries section with a Connect Registry icon (looks like a plug).

Using that, I chose "Generic Docker Registry" (other choices: Azure, Docker Hub, GitLab). I supplied the registry URL. It prompted me for my username and password (Docker login token as described above) and I can now browse the registry. Beautiful!

...and learn about other useful shortcuts such as zenGetProp() and zenSetProp().

zen(id) is shorthand for zenPage.getComponentById(id) which as @Vitaliy Serdtsev said gives you access to the Zen component identified by id. document.getElementById(id) gives you access to the element identified by id in HTML/JavaScript document object model. Since a Zen component could comprise several HTML elements, it's usually better to use zen(id).

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