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I've also used Studio for 20+ years. I can still remember how much better it was than what we had before. We can all still use Studio if we want; it's not a forced divorce. But we hope that VS Code -- ObjectScript's features will make you comfortable enough to decide to do a conscious uncoupling. And as Frank Sinatra sang: "Love's much lovelier, the second time around." And he could have sung that at the Diplomat Hotel in Fort Lauderdale in 1974, where coincidentally InterSystems is hosting our Global Summit this year!

Why are unit test methods instance methods? Since a running unit test is an instantiated object (%RegisteredObject), the unit test class itself can have custom properties, and the instance methods can use those properties as a way to share information. For example, initialize the properties in %OnBeforeAllTests(), and then access/change the properties in the test methods. 

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