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I haven’t used any of the Gateways before, nor have I played with any of the External Language Servers. It looks like the new skill demoed here is that an IRIS object (persons in this example) is able to hold a reference to a Java class outside of IRIS, and you can call methods from that Java class as if they are methods inside IRIS, including making use of Java libraries (AsciiTable in this example). So Java System.out redirects to the IRIS Terminal window? If so, that all seems amazing! Do you have some examples you can share about how we expect developers to use this?

For those of you that like GUI tools in an IDE, I just installed the Microsoft Docker extension for VS Code. It shows my Containers and Images just like Docker Desktop Dashboard does, and lets me start/stop/launch CLI/inspect etc.

But the real reason I installed it is because there's also a Registries section with a Connect Registry icon (looks like a plug).

Using that, I chose "Generic Docker Registry" (other choices: Azure, Docker Hub, GitLab). I supplied the registry URL. It prompted me for my username and password (Docker login token as described above) and I can now browse the registry. Beautiful!

...and learn about other useful shortcuts such as zenGetProp() and zenSetProp().

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