· Jan 11, 2018
Routing Rules

Is there a way in the routing rule to compare two fields in two different segments? For example, for the message below we need to compare one Identifier in PID-3 (uiytr5678906^^^^CKS)against another in MRG-1 (uiytr5678A06^^^^CKS). Both will always have the same IdentifierTypeCode (PID-3.5/MRG-1.5), but the ID number can be different. Just to clarify, we only want to compare the CKS IdentifierID, not the entire field or all the identifiers in the MRG-1 or PID-3 field.

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Here is a snippet that I learned yesterday

You can define an index on a collection property but when I tried to use it, I failed. I was using

     Select ….. where …. :xx %INLIST collproperty

But this will not use an index, but the equivalent syntax

     SELECT .. WHERE ... FOR SOME %ELEMENT(collproperty) (%VALUE=:xx)

will use the index

Check out

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I am new to cache and accessing it using odbc (other data sources) from excel. I need to know how to get hold of the number of rows for each every object in my current schema.

I can find table name using following query but I need number of rows to estimate size of each table.

FROM %Dictionary.ClassDefinition ClassDefinition
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· Jan 2, 2018
Upgrading from 2014 .1.2

I am wondering about upgrading our Healthshare mirrored environment to the latest release. Has anyone upgraded recently to what version and what kind of effort was put into it. I am thinking it will take 2 analysts full time for 3 months. Am I out of the ball park on this estimate? We have bout 600 operations, Processes and services. What are some of the benefits we get from upgrading and what are some of the problems you ran into during the upgrade? Any information you have to share would be greatly appreciated.

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Well my last post got cut off for some reason. I am trying the new beta and wondering about the following functionality from Studio that I don't find in Atelier:

F12 = Open the routine and jump to the tag of the current call the cursor is on in a routine

F2 / <Ctrl> F2 = jumping to a bookmark / toggling a bookmark

<Ctrl> G = Jump to a tag in the code

When might these things be in Atelier? I use them a lot in Studio and the absence of these really slows me down.

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I am trying to write an application that will take some information on the database make a call to the Google API distance matrix and get the information to use with rest of the application without using the ensemble part of the development is this possible and how can I do my communication with the API from a cache class thanks in advance

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Last week, we announced the InterSystems IRIS Data Platform, our new and comprehensive platform for all your data endeavours, whether transactional, analytics or both. We've included many of the features our customers know and loved from Caché and Ensemble, but in this article we'll shed a little more light on one of the new capabilities of the platform: SQL Sharding, a powerful new feature in our scalability story.

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We have noticed in the course of the last 18 days our CACHE.dat has grown by 20 GB. Is there a way we can break down the data in CACHE.dat to see what could be growing in size?

Let me state it another way.....Is there a way to see what space an Operation/Service/Process is taking up within a certain Production?


Scott Roth

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

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I have a property which I need to move from one class definition to another as follows:

Old definition:

Class SCHED.SchedEntry
  Property Experiment as %String;

  Property ScanSlot as list of TracerEntry;


Class SCHED.TracerEntry
  Property Tracer As %String


I want to move the Experiment property to the TracerEntry class so that there is a different Experiment allowed for each ScanSlot, like this:

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Looking at the documentation expalining the use of client side menus, including the drop down menu.

I was messing around trying to get the "Open", once clicked, to use javascript to open windows file explorer to open/pick a file.

I've got it to partially work... Using keystrokes Ctrl-O will open the file explorer yet clicking on the drop down's File/Open does nothing.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong here.

NOTE: I had commented out the two &html lines in the Testing Method... and doing a Ctrl-O still work.


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I am working on a custom service that reads from a file and import content into a global. The problem is that global is also used by other processes. I have been trying to find any way to stop/disable a process from cache code so after reading the file, process is stopped, global updated and then process is restored. But I could not find anything, just to start/stop the whole production

Do ##class(Ens.Director).StopProduction()

Any ideas if this is something that can be done in ensemble?


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We will be transitioning from a server running HP OpenVMS to one running RHEL 7. The main question some of the team had was what would be the best method for moving the globals to the new system.

Also, I was wondering if any others have transitioned from OpenVMS to RHEL. If so, were there any kinks that we should be aware of prior to transition?

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Does anyone know where the default port comes from when installing a new instance on Windows Server 2012 R2?

It constantly picks up the wrong default which is already running on the server (probably swapped over after installation) and the install fails and rolls back.

I installed again and this time without rollback but still allocated the wrong port so at least was able to manually update the cpf and then start the instance.

Would like a simpler solution to the issue and assume they are traversing some windows registry entry that may need updating.

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Hi community ,

i use postman for testing my request , i need to extract access token from it (i put it inside the "Get url" using post man before sending my request).

i use the GetAccessTokenFromRequest of (%SYS.OAuth2.AccessToken) class , but in my rest code party , when i send request from post man , i can't extract my access token, it's empty.

can please give me help?

thank you

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I setup a linked server to a cache database to query the data and when I try an query the data I get

OLE DB provider 'MSDASQL' for linked server 'xxx' returned data that does not match expected data length for column '[MSDASQL].CSFAELIGVENCITY'. The (maximum) expected data length is 20, while the returned data length is 23.

Should I be using a different driver when setting up the DSN?

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