David Satorres · Nov 23, 2020

Managing workers & categories for %SYSTEM.WorkMgr


I'm trying to access the categories configuration for the WorkMgr via COS, so I can be able to create new categories for our processes and this way try to overlock the limit of cores*2 workers. I've seen that last version of IRIS is supposed to have a menu on the portal (System Administration > Configuration > System Configuration > WQM Categories), but since we are in 2020.1 this doesn't exist. 

Does anyone have experience with WQM.API to manage the categories, or the usage of ^%SYS("WQM") to set it directly?

My goal is to be able to go beyond the limit of cores*2 that currently is in the "standard" category, therefore we can assign different categories to the different processes.

Thanks a lot

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Answering myself:

For a system with 8 cores, we will be allowed to use maximum 16 workers. So, to be able to do it and let other processes work with the default queue, we we just need to set the global:

 s ^%SYS("WQM","MaxActiveWorkers","User.Testing")=16

so, when creating the queue it can be done attaching the workers to this queue:

  set queue=$SYSTEM.WorkMgr.%New("/multicompile=1",16,"User.Testing")