· Nov 6, 2020

Need to know the difference between InterSystems Cache DB and InterSystems IRIS

Hi Team,


What is the difference between Intersystems Cache DB and Intersystems IRIS ? I am looking for Cache DB installation details, but getting IRIS only everywhere.  we are looking for a POC to test it. 



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The scope and the dimension of possibilities are much wider with IRIS than it was with Caché.
Very generally speaking: There is nothing in Caché that you can't do with IRIS.
The only thing you might miss eventually, are some ancient compatibility hooks back to the previous millennium. wink
Also, support of some outdated operating system versions is gone

In addition to what @Robert Cemper said InterSystems IRIS is much faster than Caché in SQL, it has officially released Docker images, it has IRIS Interoperability and IRIS BI is included and it has Community Edition which gives you the way to develop and evaluate your solution on IRIS  which is less than 10GB without ordering a license.

And IRIS has a Package Manager ZPM which gives you a universal and robust way to deploy your solutions.


Hi Kranthi,

I believe that you are just finding information about IRIS because it is something that is "in fashion". Part of Summit was about this, if you look at the developer community, basically just talk about it. In a way, we are almost unconsciously induced to migrate to IRIS. It is a fact that they have differences as friends have already commented, however, in general, it is more of the same.

For differences between InterSystems CACHE and InterSystems IRIS Data Platform I suggest you have a look here.

Specifically you can find there a table comparing the products (including InterSystems Ensemble).

As well as a document going into detail about various new features and capabilities

If you want to perform a PoC for a new system definitely use InterSystems IRIS.