Fathima Zainab · Nov 21, 2020

How to purchase IRIS?

Hello there, 

I am Zainab a Medical Practitioner for a leading hospital in India. 

But i am about to start my new clinic and gradually build it to a hospital as well. 

I already have a very strong patient Data Base but I am afraid that day by day as it is increasing i will need a better one to handle things. 

I have a considerable amount of knowledge in IT as well. that is when I came across this thing called IRIS. 

I also saw we can use it for free. 

I need more details please on this. 

I also see many versions of IRIS. Please clarify that for me as well please. 

Hope someone can help me please. 

Thank you. 

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Oh OK. Thank you so much. 

So do we get a legal licence or something if we use the free versions as mentioned above to make sure our Data Will be safe? 

How does it work? 

How reliable will my valuable data be ? 

Please address me on this. 


Hi Fathima,

I'd recommend making a sales inquiry to InterSystems which you can do through this page:

The free editions of IRIS are more targeted towards familiarizing yourselves with the basics of IRIS and not for production use. I'm sure an InterSystems rep can answer your licensing questions .

Re: the reliability of your data, the documentation touches on IRIS' data protection mechanisms here:

Introduction to Data Integrity

Hope that helps!

Thank You @Kevin Johnson
This was very helpful. is there any other video representation that you have or any link to so that I can understand the IRIS interface a bit more better please? 

Hoping to hear soon.