Hi Marcus,

Sometimes it easier not copy all the addresses across in the first place, so that the target addresses field is empty when you start the 'for each' loop, but if you have copied all the addresses across then I would clear all the target addresses out, before your 'for each' loop.

So the code would be something like:

<assign value='' property='target.{PatientAddress}' action='clear' />
<foreach property='source.{PatientAddress()}' key='k1' >
<if condition='source.{PatientAddress(k1).addresstype}="H"' >
<assign value='source.{PatientAddress(k1)}' property='target.{PatientAddress(1)}' action='set' />
<assign value='"HOME"' property='target.{PatientAddress(1).addresstype}' action='set' />

Hop this helps.



Hi Prashanth,

There is a 'Add-In' in Studio that will allow you to do this.
From within Studio select Tools => Add-In, then add the 'SOAD Wizard' madd-in.
Once the 'SOAP Wizard' has been added, run it from the same path, i.e. Tools => Add-Ins'



Hi Dmitry,

Thanks for the reply, but I believe I have found another solution to the issue.
There is a 'UsePPGHandler' property for the %XML.Reader and if I set this to 1 (true) the reader uses private globals, rather than memory.

So, far so good, as now I can parse the file without any errors and start to correlate it. 


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