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I suspect that is the case but I cannot verify it without seeing more of your code. Someone from our HealthShare team probably knows this but I don't work on that team. Sorry.

I didn't count the number of question marks but I assume you've verified that it matches the number of columns.

Also, there are limitations on the number of command line arguments you can pass but that number is rather high. I don't recall exactly what it is but it is certainly limited. At one time we established 16 as the maximum number of arguments. As I recall, we did nothing to impose an arbitrary limit but ObjectScript itself does have a limit.

My next questions are meant to establish where the error is reported. You can prepare a dynamic SQL statement and then execute it separately and multiple times. Is the error reported during prepare or during execute?

PS: (edited):

Sorry, I see now your code. You are using a HS Adapter to execute this statement. That leads me to a different question - can you prepare and execute this statement as a Dynamic SQL Statement?

set statement = ##class(%SQL.Statement).%New()

set status = statement.%Prepare(.tSQL)

If status is okay (1) then execute it - set result = statement.%Execute( <your parameter values go here>)

Then check result.%SQLCODE.

In the meantime, I will take a look at the Adapter (not my area but I can still look) to see if there is some limitation.

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