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Hi Prashanth,

I had a similar requirement once. The following is how I managed it:

First, I setup a method in a CSP dispatch class, which respond to a REST endpoint, to invoke a Business Service in the current namespace working production:

ClassMethod SomeRestEndpointCallback(body As %DynamicArray) As %DynamicObject
    $$$TOE(st, ##class(Ens.Director).CreateBusinessService("BusinessServiceName", .service))
    $$$ThrowOnError(service.ProcessInput(body, .output))
    Return output

Then, I created a adapterless Business Service ( in order to don't pooling for data but just wait for an external trigger instead:

Class some.package.AdapterlessBS Extends Ens.BusinessService

/// Configuration item(s) to which to send file stream messages
Property TargetConfigNames As Ens.DataType.ConfigName(MAXLEN = 1000);

Parameter SETTINGS = "TargetConfigNames:Basic:selector?multiSelect=1&context={Ens.ContextSearch/ProductionItems?targets=1&productionName=@productionId}";

Method OnProcessInput(request As %RegisteredObject, Output response As %RegisteredObject) As %Status
    Set tSC = $$$OK
    Try {
        // Could be any message... adapter to your needs
        Set tMsg = ##class(Ens.StringResponse).%New()
        Set tMsg.StringValue = "some value"
        // Send the message to the targets
        Set targets = $LFS(..TargetConfigNames)
        For i=1:1:$LL(targets) {
            Set target = $LG(targets, i)
            // can be sync or async... it's up to you decide
            //Set tSC = ..SendRequestSync(target, tMsg)
            Set tSC = ..SendRequestAsync(target, tMsg)
    Catch (ex) {
        Set tSC = ex.AsStatus()
    Quit tSC

Now, you can add this Business Service to a interoperability production and set the desired Business Process as its target. So, when your REST endpoint is accessed, it will call the BS and then the BP.


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