Neil Thaiss · Nov 23, 2020

HL7 Message Continuation for Q22/K22 Query/Response


I need to develop a HL7 Q22/K22 query/response mechanism for a NHS Trust I am working for, but I do not know how to handle the message continuation.

Can any one give me any advise on this and/or point me in the direction of any documentation on the subject?


Neil Thaiss

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Not sure what you mean by "message continuation".

I did develop an HL7 interface recently for Q22 (Clinician Query) - the response was a RSP^K22 message type, going back to the same HL7 business service that received the inbound QBP^Q22 message.

The Ack Mode setting on the business service was set to Application.

Thanks for the reply, Juanito.

I must admit saying "message continuation" was rather confusing.

What I should have said was "interactive continuation", which allows for large query-response payloads to be sent over multiple HL7 messages.