YURI MARX GOMES · Nov 30, 2020

What's the better strategy to persist Geo data?

I have an application with maps that render and edit geographic data in a some layers using KML - geo data represented into XML file with layers, polygnons, points and metadata associated with it. Some maps are in GeoJSON too. 

Is it DocDB the better option?

Product version: IRIS 2020.4
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The format is stable, use XML tools for data import/export into persistent classes.

The KML spec is a complex XML schema. See:

Into Postgresql it has PostGIS, because this complexity, in IRIS I need only use this XML import utility?

if you have the schema as XSD at hands 
All you need to do is to open the XML wizard in IRIS  Studio and it generates the whole packages for you


I used it rather intensive and a pack of 100+ classes from 1 XSD was no problem