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Virtual Summit FHIR Focus Sessions List

For those that want to catch up on the FHIR-related content in our Virtual Summit 2020 I put together a list of the Focus Sessions:

[An image from @Russ Leftwich amazing "The Story of FHIR" session, the 1st one listed below]

FHIR: Healthcare Data Standard Designed for the Future

Get an introduction to the purpose and key concepts of Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources, or FHIR®.

FHIR Overview

See why FHIR® is the future of digital healthcare applications and a key component for full-stack developers.

FHIR API Management

See how API management can simplify healthcare application development with FHIR®.

FHIR Implementation Patterns in InterSystems IRIS for Health

See a demonstration of a FHIR® Resource Repository built on InterSystems IRIS for Health™, and learn strategies for submitting data in FHIR and other formats into the repository. Learn about technologies like the new PEX framework that uses JAVA classes with InterSystems IRIS for Health, the built-in C-CDA > SDA > FHIR R4 transformations, and the new InterSystems Reports for building reports against the FHIR Resource Repository search tables.

Working with FHIR Profiles in InterSystems IRIS for Health

Learn how a FHIR® server built with InterSystems IRIS for Health™ can support multiple FHIR profiles, including those available in the US Core Implementation Guide and other published FHIR packages. FHIR profiles and other conformance resources allow you to adapt FHIR for a specific purpose or environment.

FHIR Search

Learn how to search for FHIR® resources with a variety of query options.

Build FHIR Provider & Patient-Facing Applications in the Cloud

Learn how to build FHIR® applications in the cloud using S3, Azure AD, and a FHIR service.

Improving Speciality Medication Adherence Using FHIR

Learn how digital solutions and FHIR® are being used by the pharmaceutical industry to improve patient care and increase adherence to specialty medications.

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