Hi Rob, this backend architecture is a very good solution and makes the native API really usable for real-world scenarios. Thanks for your contribution which opens up IRIS to the Node.js JavaScript community!

I'm very sorry I missed this one!

My 2 cents: I think you still need both because VSCode doesn't work on older Caché versions (as you need Atelier api). But I'm looking forward to be able to move over to VSCode when all features are supported there.

Rob, this is a great addition to the JavaScript (Node.js) tech stack for IRIS because glsdb allows you to work with classes and globals as if they were simple JS arrays or objects. A JS developer has now persisted arrays/objects at his disposal in a very simple & familiar way.

This is a big step forward for creating Node.js back-end applications with IRIS as the underlying database when you combine this with any standard JS front-end framework + tools.

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