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Hello Peter.

Thank you for the reply. 

Now, I have another question w.r.t your reply.

Thing is we are migrating our system from VMS to linux, and we are looking a wayout how to create automatic versions in UNIX ( like $ZIO does ). Something like below :

1. User creates a file "ABC.TXT" 

2. Our custom library will create a file "ABC_1.TXT"

3. then we will set the $ZIO to ABC_1.txt, like this. or any thing equivalent to $ZIO which can set the reference of the DEV in the memory ( like which file to hit ) 

Any comments / suggestions / advise ..


Yes, I agree, to accomplish the same via JOB is complex but I am unable to explore / find another way within cache to achieve the same.  If you have other suggestion that can help me in this direction then please do let me know.



Hi Bob 

Thanks for the reply, as you said this approach has a drawback if we change $IO changed with in the process it self, and in our routines we are  generating files after accepting the input.



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