Ahmad Bukhtiar · Nov 29, 2020

create join query on the same table


I have a table where i want to create join query like

(select * from patients where facility=abc) qry1

left join (select * from patients where facility=xyz) qry2 on qry1.patientid = qry2.patientid

Product version: IRIS 2020.1
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There might be an easier way:

Select * from HS_Registry.Patient where Facility='ABC' and MPIID in

(select MPIID from HS_Registry.Patient where Facility='XYZ')

MPIID is an indexed field so this should be relatively fast. Since the Patent table is the same you really need to get your "*" data only once; you just need to constrain it to only return a subset of patients that have instances of both Facilities (if I understand you correctly)

thanks can i also use not in like below

Select * from HS_Registry.Patient where Facility='ABC' and MPIID NOT IN

(select MPIID from HS_Registry.Patient where Facility='XYZ')

Yes or course... in this case, you would return patients that have an instance of one Facility but not the other.