Fabio Goncalves · Dec 12, 2016 3m read
Generate and Validate Captcha Code

Suppose you have developed your own web app with InterSystems technologies stack and now want to perform a captcha validation on the client side in order to determine whether or not the user is human and make it safer. There are some modern frameworks to address the captcha issue, however most part of them needs internet access to generate codes and sometimes are complex to implement. Take this as basic example considering that image recognition has gotten too good. That's why you nowadays you tend to see more pattern recognition captchas than mere reading ones. (I.e.

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Hi all,

I am looking for an implementation idea for displaying a large amount of data received from a webservice. This data are essentialy HL7-Message as a GlobalCharacter Stream and some metadata (status,processed,timecreated etc.).

Since I need sorting functionalities for those metadata a tablepane in a zen page seems to be suitable. i know there are different ways to provide data for the table but in this case it´s complicated to get them data fetched.

Consider the following steps

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I have a Zen page, and I would like to have an onload handler to run a bit of javascript when the page is ready. Unfortunately, the page inherits from a template, and the template already has an onload handler that does all kinds of useful things. Is there any way to override the onload handler in my page, while still being able to call the onload handler that is inherited from the template? In ObjectScript, there is ##super, but in javascript, there is no equivalent of that.

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Hi All,

              I have configured my application with IIS 8.5 in windows server 2012.

             I have tried to generate sample HTML report . The issue is

                 when the url is like 'http:\\\test...mode='html'....'    the reports are generated successfully.

                 but while using systemname like 'http:\\mysystemname\test....mode='html'...' the reports are not generated and throws error like

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Stefan Wittmann · Oct 21, 2016
Zen Mojo 1.1.2 released

I am happy to share the news that Zen Mojo 1.1.2 has been released. This release includes a critical fix for Firefox that we had to get out as fast as possible. No other changes are included to allow easy upgrades. We recommend upgrading to this release if you are running on Zen Mojo 1.1.1.

All upcoming Caché and Ensemble releases will ship with Zen Mojo 1.1.2.

You can download Zen Mojo kits from the WRC distribution page:

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If a user simply closes a tab (running a web application), is there any good way to ensure that the license is released AND the login cookie is destroyed?  


I found that if the tab is simply closed without first logging out of the application, then 1) the license hangs around forever, and 2) if the user then opens a tab, he is already logged in.


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Good morning, I have a ZEN application being served up through a CSPGateWay. That ZEN application is made up of two ZEN pages. One ZEN page uses a zenLink to call the other ZEN page(see below #1). The ZEN page that is called contains a tab group with one tab. That tab contains a tif image. I have components on the called ZEN page that execute JavaScript to perform simple image manipulations - zoom and rotate(see below #2). Those simple image manipulations have stopped working.

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Steve Pisani · Aug 25, 2016
ZEN Mojo onEvent() callback

Hi - Trapping onselect and onchange events that occur on layout objects seems to work fine, however, according to the documentation, I should also be able to use onevent, which is defined as follows:

onevent: Defines how the page behaves when another type of event occurs within a documentView (an event other than select or change).

and has the method signature:

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Hi, I have a question about web applications.

First, I know that my ZEN application is using a web application called /OurAppName, but I honestly don't know why it's choosing that web application over the default of /csp/default-namespace, so if you can give me a hint as to how else the web application is set, please do let me know.  I'd also love to see the web application's properties programmatically, if possible (such as the physical files path).


Our other web applications are called /OurAppName/NAMESPACE rather than /csp/namespace.

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I am going to start playing with Zen Mojo (again) and as I understand it there are two ways to manage moving data to/from your Zen Mojo page:

  • interacting with REST services
  • using Mojo's built-in transport

I would like to understand the pros and cons of each approach.  Which is recommended in different situations and why?  I would like to create a sample application that will hopefully be reusable and helpful to others and I would like to  understand which approach to pick for my app. 

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Has anyone configured Zen Reports/FOP to support png images? If you have, could you please share the library that you used, the configuration required, and whether it was worth it (vs converting images to one of the natively supported formats)?

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I'm getting the above error.  My zen page calls other javascript methods  and other server methods just fine.  But when I call my  method, I get the error.  Yes, I've tried making it look exactly like the methods that work.  But for some reason, it doesn't seem to know that DoLogout is a zen method. 


Anyone ever get this error?






for example

ClientMethod logout() [ Language = javascript ]  {   zenPage.DoLogout();  }

Method DoLogout() [ZenMethod]   {   //blah blah  }

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I want to create a table with a dynamic display of data using the DataGrid.

On the page there  dataCombo and the table.

According to the plan, when the user selects an item in dataCombo the table is filled with data. If select another item - data is updated.

But in fact, the data in the table are loaded once when the page is loaded, and when I select value in DataCombo, I receive an error:

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I have a Zen Mojo application, developed using Bootstrap plugin and using "Explicit Dispatch" with multiple templates.

I have every template representing an specific area of my application (customer, order, logon, application settings, etc.). 

Each template has specific code,  client side validation and so on related to its areas by using javascript.

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I have two pages and I am using the push and pop to go and back navigation. When I click the button forward and back in the browser, I can't navigate more between pages.


The following code:

Page 1 - onSelect Method:
var obj = {idExame: VALID, objUsu: ObjUsu};
zenPage.gotoArea ('itemexames', key, key, false);
view.pushDocument (key, obj, key, obj);

Page 2 - onSelectMethod, back:

var documentKey = "PacienteExamesinitial";
var layoutKey = "PacienteExamesinitial";
var area = "pacienteexames";

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I'm new to Cache and trying to follow the Using Cache Studio PDF. In section 2.4.3(Adding a Zen form) it tells you insert the following code;

<button caption="Save" o select="zenPage.saveRecord();" />

Unfortunately that code fails compilation. If you try and use the tools there is no o select option nor a select or onselect option. I was wondering if anyone has used this PDF before and knows what the correct attribute should be?


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One of our AP would like us to provide the file upload/download sample code by using ZEN Mojo.

I already provided them the attached "upload-sample".

I tried to create the "download-sample" in a similar way, but I couldn't do it yet.

Does anyone have a good idea/sample about this?

I'd like to download the server side file(e.g. c:\temp\nene.jpg) into client machine with a OpenFileDialog(image.png).


Thank you in advance.


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I have a question about how to set the value of a radioSet.  Yes, I know -- the documentation says that setValue can be used "client side", but gives no example.  Plus, I'm trying to set the value of a radioSet in %onAfterCreatePage, which is a Zen method? Server side method? I'm not sure.


In my Zen page I create a radioSet like this:

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I have a homeTemplate and ExamesTemplate page. When I'm in ExamesTemplate and make a resfresh (F5 browser), the page back to the HomeTemplate. I need the page ExamesTemplate not return HomeTemplate.

I'm using ZenMojo with Bootstrap

Can someone help me?



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I am working on a DataGrid based upon ZenTest.Datagrid.cls

I want to save data after changes on a row.

The existing samples do not explain how to save changes on data in a grid.

I have tried something like zen(‘json’).save

Does anybody has some sample code?

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Evandro Santos · May 25, 2016
Runtime Expressions in XML



I'm facing a problem when I try to use the Runtime Expression below inside the XData Contents:


It compiles correctly, but when I open the page on the browser I get the message "Expression Error" instead of "Testing!".


How could I use the $$$Text macro with Runtime Expressions? Is there a way to make this?


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