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There are multiple ID's for a given %ConfigName, but no indexing was observed. I received SQLCODE 100 only in TEST. In PROD i was able to fetch rows.

FYI- Though there are multiple ID's for a given %ConfigName, i was able to update LocalEnv Property using management portal. But in studio when i use E-SQL in a routine to update the property it doesnt effect any row. As Robert mentioned above, its related to variable scoping. I do not see % sign in front of the property variable when I queried the xx table.

Yes Robert - As per SQL docs, SQL Operation was successfull but found no data to act upon for one of the table. But there are two other tables where I couldnt receive any error code, but then the property was not enabled after executing sql query. FYI- When the property was declared Initial expression was set to "TRUE". Does that impact enabling and disabling any property?

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