Mark Connelly · Jul 4, 2017

Dialog windows not drawing correctly in IE11


Has anyone worked out any tricks to overcome this issue in 2015 and IE11 where the Dialog content is masked. I'm trying to fix it in a custom one, but you can see that the same issue is happening in the Standard Color Selection one as well.


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FWIW I just checked 2015.1.4 and 2015.2

And IE 11.0.9600.18697 on Windows 7x86

And Color Selection Dialog is opened properly:

/csp/samples/ZENDemo.Home.cls -> Components -> Popup Windows

Just checked and the samples example worked for me as well.

This must have something to do with HealthShare interacting with the dialog. I don't get the issue in Chrome or earlier versions of I.E.

well I cant tell you why it worked but adding modal=no to the parameters in launchPopupWindow has solved the issue, hope that helps some body in the future.