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Converting MDX2Json that doesn't matter here.

In background task, i am quiting json. I dont know how to store the json into a session.


In general if i write like this,

S json=..ConvertMDX2JSON(MDXQuery)

I will get json data for the MDX Query. But, if i go for complex MDX, it will take more time to convert and will get timeout error.

So i am doing this in background task and want to store the result json in session.

Hi Peter,

When i try with single value filter, I didn't get any error. Lets say.

%FILTER %OR([HOMED].[H1].[ZIP].&[32000])

Here 32000 is not a member. This executes fine and i got result 0 without any error.

When trying with multiple value filter, if any non member exists in filter thrown error.

if all are member in a filter, works fine.

Is there any way to restrict this?
Front end user will select anything in filter. But it should work.

32000(non member) gives result 0. 
32006(member) gives result 13.

if user selects 32000 and 32006, it should give (0+13=13).

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