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well I cant tell you why it worked but adding modal=no to the parameters in launchPopupWindow has solved the issue, hope that helps some body in the future.

Just checked and the samples example worked for me as well.

This must have something to do with HealthShare interacting with the dialog. I don't get the issue in Chrome or earlier versions of I.E.

Hi Julian

To send a priority to pushover you need to add

Do httprequest.SetParam("priority", pReq.EventPriority)

set the value between -2 and 1, if you want to set it to Emergency Priority (2) you will also need to send retry and expire parameters like this

Do httprequest.SetParam("retry", pReq.EventRetry)

Do httprequest.SetParam("expire", pReq.EventExpire)

Do httprequest.SetParam("priority", pReq.EventPriority)

The defaults for Expire is 60 and retry 3600

I added these values to the inbound message pReq As TrustDev.TrustMon.Messages.Alert

Property EventPriority As %Integer [ InitialExpression = ];

Property EventRetry As %Integer [ InitialExpression = 60 ];

Property EventExpire As %Integer [ InitialExpression = 3600 ];

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