Ruslan K · May 23, 2017

Horizontal layout in several rows in dynaform

Set dynaform property  layout="horizontal" makes form controls to be shown horizontal in one row.

But how configure dynaform to show controls in several horizontal rows?

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Generally speaking, the parameters defined in %ZEN.DataModel.objectModelParameters can be used to customize the appearance/behavior/really anything about the controls in a dynaForm. One such parameter is:

/// Optional.
/// id of a group component that the control used for this property
/// should be added to. This provides a way to control layout.<br>
/// If not defined, the control is added directly to the <class>dynaForm</class>.

For example, given the model class:

Class DC.Demo.ZenDynaForm.Model Extends %ZEN.DataModel.ObjectDataModel

Property FirstName As %String(ZENGROUP = "nameGroup");

Property MiddleInitial As %String(ZENGROUP = "nameGroup");

Property LastName As %String(ZENGROUP = "nameGroup");

Property HomePhone As %String(ZENGROUP = "phoneGroup");

Property CellPhone As %String(ZENGROUP = "phoneGroup");


The following <dynaForm> will display the three name fields in one horizontal row, and the two phone fields in another:

Class DC.Demo.ZenDynaForm Extends

/// This XML block defines the contents of this page.
/// Setting XMLNamespace turns on StudioAssist for this XML block.
XData Contents [ XMLNamespace = "" ]
<page xmlns="">
<dataController id="myController" modelClass="DC.Demo.ZenDynaForm.Model" />
<dynaForm controllerId="myController">
<hgroup id="nameGroup" />
<hgroup id="phoneGroup" />