Looking at the documentation expalining the use of client side menus, including the drop down menu.

I was messing around trying to get the "Open", once clicked, to use javascript to open windows file explorer to open/pick a file.

I've got it to partially work... Using keystrokes Ctrl-O will open the file explorer yet clicking on the drop down's File/Open does nothing.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong here.


NOTE:  I had commented out the two &html lines in the Testing Method... and doing a Ctrl-O still work.


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Is it possible to include the ≥ or ≤ in a ZEN select component?  i.e. 

<select id="condition" label="Condition" valueList="&lt;,&gt;,=,≤,≥" displayList="&lt;,&gt;,=,≤,≥"/>

I have tried &ge; and &le; but these also do not work.  If I inspect the options in the browser and edit with these characters they display correctly but just not when loaded in the zen page.




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Hello, I am trying to get the Zen Print Server to work so that i can use the pdfprint mode in Zen Reports. Zen Reports will create pdfs just fine, so that part is working. And the printer works fine from other applications on this computer and I have verified the printer name a bunch of times.

This is Caché 2016.2 on Windows 10. I have tried this using Adobe 11.0 and Adobe DC. I have made and started a Zen Report Print Server with

Name = "ZenPrint"

Port = "4321"

and Ping Port = "4320"

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"Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi"?

I’ve hit the wall. I’m a one person shop who wants to start developing Cache on a mac using Eclipse/Atelier, after using Studio for the last 5 years. I’ve installed the 1.1 beta plugin, watched 6 or 7 videos from the September conference, tried several times to work through the cheat sheets, only to have connection issues or compilation issues, so at this point, I’m feeling very frustrated. The videos were interesting, but generally didn’t work as tutorials for fundamental programming operations, for me.

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There is  a finite list of date formats that users want to use to enter a date in a form. These formats include single digits for month and day and double digits for year.  The field is represented by a dateText control.

How would one get to allow a dateText control to accept multiple date formats ? I see only 3 listed here, do those include using single digits for month and day ?

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I want to limit the length of the value of a textarea in Zen. In HTML the textarea element has a 'maxlength' attribute, but the Zen component doesn't have an equivalent property. Is there any way to add a maximum length in Zen short of creating my own custom component?

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Ruslan K · Oct 14, 2017
ZenMethod in onunloadHandler

I want to call ZenMethod when page is closing. Is it possible?

I tried

ClientMethod onunloadHandler() [ Language = javascript ]


Method SomeZenMethod() [ ZenMethod ]
    // to do some work

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Hi everyone! My company has a Zen ERP application with CSP delegated authentication. Now, we're developing a separated BI application, using Angular, which consumes DeepSee REST API services. Both applications access the same Caché database.

How to implement single sign-on strategy in order to allow an already authenticated ERP user to access DeepSee REST services? Has anyone already implemented something like that?

Thanks in advanced.

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When I add a parameter to dataCombo for loading it on runtime and the property editable set to 0, dynamically loading content for dropdown through parameter works fine.

But, when I set editable to 1, to implement user search in dataCombo, loading through parameter is not working, it is loaded all rows, but I need loading on some parameter. It don't see the parameter, when editable is 1.

Is it normal behavior of dataCombo? But how about user search in dataCombo on this case? When editable is 0, we can't enter any character in dataCombo.

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I have a <tablePane> element with OnCreateResultSet and OnExecuteResultSet methods; autoExecute is "false" but the OnCreateResultSet and OnExecuteResultSet methods are nevertheless called on page load.

I want the user to be able to press a button to submit the parameters, then have this button call tablePane.executeQuery() to execute the query.

autoExecute is simply igonored.  We're on 2014.1.3 with plans to upgrade to 2016 soon.

Are there more settings I need to set? Or is this attribute simply ignored?

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Rui Figueiredo · Aug 25, 2017
Zen Report - ErrorNo: 5540

I'm working on an existing Zen Report that uses queryClass/queryName to retrieve data using a class that has a Stored Procedure method. Which works fine.
I have created second class with a Stored Procedure method, I modified the zen report to use this class and now I'm having the following error.


Error: SQLCODE: -99 Message: User UnknownUser is not privileged for the operation
ErrorNo: 5540




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The dataCombo property columnHeaders is a comma-delimited list of column headers displayed in the dropdown list.

Comma is a delimiter.

But, if I want add comma to columh header, for instance "House number, apartment" - this is value for header of one column.

How can I escape comma in this case?

"House number\, apartment" - is not working. 

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I'm new to Zen reports and I'm wondering if what I'm trying to do is possible.  I have a classmethod  that accepts three parameters to generate an xml file from a global.    I've set up my Report Definition to call the ClassMethod that generates the .xml file; however, I'm trying to figure out how to pass the parameters to that ClassMethod from the Report Definition.  The example in the documentation shows parameter passing using SQL (which I'm not using), so I'm curious if this will work.  

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Ruslan K · May 23, 2017
Toolbar with several lines of menu

In toolbar, by default, all items show on one line and when menu items do not fit on visible part of screen, invisible items hide and appear two buttons - last item and previous item.

I want, in that case, items, which do not fit on visible part of screen, go on second line. In other words, I want all items to be visible.

Is it possible to configure toolbar for behavior I want?


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I needed to use the OnGetNodeInfo callback of a Zen <dynaTree>, because this seems to be the only way to control the style separately for different levels of the tree. This post describes two discoveries I made.

How a dynaTree builds a tree via the OnGetNodeInfo callback

When you use a dynaTree with the OnGetNodeInfo callback, the dynaTree creates a series of nodes and displays them top to bottom in the order they were created

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I need a trick to display the cellTitle for just ONE column in a tablePane with a unique value.  Here are the issues:

1. OnDrawCell has access to the cell data for that row/column, in %query(pName),  but setting the cellTitle property to a column doesn't refresh the column object

2. Setting showValueInTooltip is good for the entire table, not just one cell

3. ** the column element does not evaluate zen expressions, so I can't say cellTitle="#(%query.Comment)#", for example.  That's the crux of the problem.

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