Rich Taylor · Mar 16, 2017

Telnet in a ZEN page

I need to find a solution for a client that has ZEN based application.  Certain parts of this application remained Terminal based for which a unsigned Java applet was used to embedded this within the application.  The control is old and requires an old version of Java which IT folks are not happy about.  

I am looking for a replacement that will allow a terminal, either telnet or directly use cTerm, window to be embedded within a web application, specifically ZEN, based on Cache.  Any suggestions or success stories would be welcome.

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Thanks Benjamin!  This looks like the way to go.

Hi, Rich!

Here is the article regarding Caché Web Terminal. Hope it helps.

Thanks to the responses.  Unfortunately, after testing this, the client found it did not meet his needs.   What is needed is a full blown VT type terminal emulator like Cterm supports embedded in a browser window.  He needs things like arrow keys.

Any further suggestions would be welcome.


WebTerminal does not support arrow keys literally until we solve this. Any known and unknown ways to change $ZA and $ZB variable values programmatically are more than welcome.