· Apr 11, 2017

How to prevent alert window from popping up on a Zen page


Sometimes when I have Zen page in a browser (e.g. Management Portal page) and when my Internet connection interrupts, I see the alert window on the page, something like this screenshot:

Is there any setting for the CSP web app to prevent this alerts from popping up?

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Probably not looking at the underlying code.

I would say its being raised by cspxmlhttp.js when it gets a non 200 status code.

If there was a sever side option then we would probably see some kind of conditional around either of these two functions...

function cspProcessResponse(req) {
  if(req.status != 200) {
    var errText='Unexpected status code, unable to process HyperEvent: ' req.statusText ' (' req.status ')';
    var err new cspHyperEventError(req.status,errText);
    return cspHyperEventErrorHandler(err);



function cspHyperEventErrorHandler(error)
  if (typeof cspRunServerMethodError == 'function'return cspRunServerMethodError(error.text,error);
  return null;