Jim Regan · Mar 24, 2017

Firefox V52

I have a 100% ZEN application combined with 100% ZENReports and am also using IFind which is part of the solution.

 Our application is a cloud hosted solution where we lease a server which does not have a website, only  Cache configured under IIS.  Connectivity to our site is premised on a URL string such as

With the release of Firefox V52 this connection string is now seen as security threat as we have an application login page using  two <password> controls.  I spoke with the server provider who indicated I would need to obtain a domain website name and apply a security certificate to it to invoke https:// and eliminate this warning.   I also have another server where we do have a website where we redirect from an html landing page and then uses java script functions to bridge to cache namespaces but there are no credentials required. 

When I suggested this to the server support person, he indicated if I applied this approach the redirected page would be seen as security threat.  I am not sure that is correct as I haven't tried it,  and/or don't know if the web site https: certificate would apply to the cache and csp sites defined under IIS.

I am searching for a solution as I am taking a lot of backlash from my clients on this subject.  Any proven thoughts or actual knowledge in solving this are appreciated.

Jim Regan

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1. https certificate would apply to the cache and csp sites defined under IIS.  It would apply  to everyrhing really.

2. Not sure about html landing page being a security threat. That depends on your setup. Do you embed http parts in your (future) https pages?

I'd recommend as a first step to install let's encrypt certificate - it's free and easy.

Then force http->https redirect on your iis server.

After that check how your html landing page behaves.

I worked with ISC support on this today and we framed this out as a possible solution.

  • I need to obtain or relocate an existing website name to my cloud server which is hosting my cache databases
  • The company who handles our website DNS translations will need to point this website to that cache server
  • Once the website is in place, the available SSL certificate which is included with my server lease will be applied to that website
  • Under IIS, the Handler Mappings will be edited and/or added to accept .cls requests and map them to CSPms Handler
  • the url string will include the https://websitename/csp/namespace/cache.cls as an example or whatever the string works out to be.
  • No redirection should be involved.

Hopefully this works