Arun Kumar · Aug 8, 2017

CSP/ZEN page session timeout while extracting huge amount of data

Hello All,

While extracting the huge amount of data in the cache through the Zen page, file extraction timing is greater than session time out. How to increase the session timing in Zen/CSP gateway or If any other solution would be appreciated.  Please advise.

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Since ZEN runs under CSP, maybe %session.AppTimeout = 900 // 15 mins.
Just remember to change it inside OnPreHTTP.

I don't know what you're extending your class from, but try calling ##super() before you set the timeout.

EDIT: Hold on, try using %response.Timeout instead. Maybe your problem is not the session itself, but the response timeout instead.

/// Can be set in the OnPreHTTP() method of a page in which case this changes the amount of time the
/// CSP gateway will wait for a response from the server in seconds before it reports the 'Server is not
/// responding' error message. This is useful if you know that this page is doing an expensive SQL
/// query that will take a couple of minutes and you want to set the server response timeout on
/// the CSP gateway to a minute and yet wait three minutes for this page to respond. It will just
/// change the server response timeout for this page only. If not set the the CSP gateway uses its
/// default timeout value specified in the CSP gateway configuration.
Property Timeout As %Integer;

Thanks, Rubens. I tried the below code. But, I am facing the issue like as below. 


ClassMethod OnPreHTTP() As %Boolean
  S %session.AppTimeout = 900 // 15 mins.
  Q 1

Can you please guide me on this.

Best Regards,

Arun Kumar Durairaj.

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