Stephen Wilson · Mar 29, 2017

Does anyone have experiece working with ZEN and Web UI Frameworks? (eg bootstrap, W3.CSS)

I was wondering if anyone has combined ZEN Web Development with frameworks such as W3Schools W3.CSS Framework or the popular Bootstrap Framework

We are currently using Caché 2013.1.6 so we do not have ZEN Mojo installed which ships in Caché 2014.2 or later.

What would be the recommended approach if looking to integrate one of these frameworks?

I look forward to hearing your suggestions!

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Sadly, the %CSP.REST class does not exist in Caché 2013.1.6 and the Class Explorer UML tool only works in Caché 2014.1 or later. We really struggle to keep pace with upgrades to Caché as there is always a fear that something will break after an upgrade is applied. Testing to confirm everything is working as expected is a huge undertaking and requires a lot of organisation. The next opportunity to upgrade Caché will probably be around Sept-Oct 2017.

Done! :-)



Thanks for posting this!

Do you want to add some InterSystems related topics to your GitHub repository to make it more visible?

I shared some ideas for the topics in this post.