Davidson Espindola · Mar 3, 2017
zen report

Hi, all

I have the following problem in generating a PDF report in ZEN, which has many items, a general total of approximately 30,000 items, but gives an error, I can generate a report with a maximum of 8,000 items, which may be wrong.

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Hi All,

Actually, I'm developing few restful API's. I want to create a authentication tokens and display it on my login restful API. If I'm using CSP sessionId, how can I validate the session Id's in another or continues restful API's. else, is there any other approach to handle this task. 

My Primary goal is, I have to integrate 2 different front end applications. One is Zen framework another one is web pages from Python. 

If any lead, it would be appreciated. 


Arun Kumar Durairaj. 

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I am planning to build a WebApp that will have tons of data to display in tables, ability to add comments on that table rows and may be some few more small features as we move on.

1. It has to be Secure

2. It has to be fast

3. It has to be Non CSP / Non Zen

4. Will have Cache DB to pull records from but should be flexible to do that from any odbc resource

5. Version 2018 Ensemble

My first step would have been to investigate different options for technologies that would make it work and best suited with Ensemble 2018

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Neerav Adam Verma · Dec 12, 2019
Bootstrap Tables & CSP

Hello All,

We need to develop a small csp application which shows data in simple paginated / searchable table for business users. 

It is to be built on an old version of Cache and is not a big full fledged application but something temporary.  We can't use Zen and using  a combination of csp & Bootstrap as bootstrap makes the pages look beautiful with little effort.

I have built the table in boostrap and it works fine with pagination and search working perfectly 

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Hi All,

I have a simple zen report, which produces a excel output, is there a way of formatting the output such as;

1. Define a field length on specific columns
2. Bold the headers
3. Add Borders etc


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Oliver Wilms · Sep 18, 2019
Export Report to Excel

Hello, I created a Zen Report and I want to export to Excel. I read I can use $MODE=xlsx but my output in Excel is not correct. All 3 elements are condensed into one cell. Class AETMON.Report Extends %ZEN.Report.reportPage { /// Class name of application this report belongs to. Parameter APPLICATION; /// Specifies the default display mode used for this report if /// the URL parameter, $MODE, is not present.

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I need to open a Windows explorer window by pressing button on a Zen page.

Is this possible.?  I

performed a search but I did not find anything.

The command I used in the terminal was  D $zf(-2,"START C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32").

I am not sure how to use this in a Zen application.

Any help will be greatly  appreciated.

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Hello all,

I have a Recordset object  which contains data from a table "XYZ". 

Currently i use this object to extract data using  %Get(COL1,COL2...) in a loop and than pass it to a function which inserts the data into another dynamically created  Table "ABC"  for each record. This takes a lot of time when 100's of records.

Is there a way i can directly copy a RecordSet to a dynamic table without looping through..?

Something like copy Recordset (COL1,COL2..)--> "ABC"



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Hello Cache Developers:  I was curious if anyone has ever created a TWAIN interface to their Cache Application?   I am new to TWAIN and hence the reason for this question.  From what I understand, TWAIN is software used by various digital imaging software and TWAIN provides an API for applications to call to be able to import images into their application.   I work with a healthcare application and was wondering what types of things are required for a Cache Web Application to call the TWAIN API to be able to load images into a Cache table.    Any input, sample code, or suggestions is apprec

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Hello ,

I want the datagrid to reflect values based on the value i select in the Combobox.  How to pass value from the combobox to the

altJSONSQLProvider  parameter and reload the datagrid ?

My combobox defines below method on change.


<altJSONSQLProvider id="PatchClassJsonId" OnGetSQL="GetSQL" >
<parameter paramName="1" value="C"/>




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Peter Kopp · Oct 17, 2018
SQLGateWay performance.

I have a ZEN page with nine tablepanes. Each tablepane queries a table in the same SQLServer db. I have a single SQLGateWay(odbc) to this SQLServer db. I need to get better performance when I query all nine table at the same time. Would my performance improve if I had nine SQLGateWays(nine odbc configurations/connections), one for each query? I would appreciate any and all suggestions for getting the very best performance when using SQLGateWays. Thank you.

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Hi everyone

I have a datacombo that displayes value from a db table.

I would like to set one of this value as default value. How can I do that? Is there a way to say selected value given the text or the Id from the DB table?

Thanks a lot and kind regards


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I have edited the Clinical Viewer portal. 

I made a new timeline with Patient Encounters. Did this using a external javascript outside Zen Component used for current chartbook.

So, i need to call function inside Zen Component. When i choose any encounter in current timeline is invoked a function, is name is SelectOneEp(' PatientID HERE ',''), i need help how to invoke this method in Zen Component estructure.

I already did the call from external JavaScript.

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we are moving an existing ZEN-Application to a new version of Caché (2017.2.2). It is a rather old application and we need to do some modifications due to the thightend security of ZEN in this and prior release (we came from 2013.1). One of the changes required is to alter a table Name of a ZEN-Table on the server-side. Anyway this gives us a problem, since we receive an error

ERROR #5001: Client modification of protected property ( tableName) disallowed for security reasons.
SOURCELEMENT: %ZEN.Component.tablePane (tpSimilarity)

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Rodrigo Flores · Jun 28, 2018
Filter in table


is there way when select a value in filter column and the second column filter use only value referred to the first selection??

we use to active filter to column in table, but not know how relationship the filter between columns of table.

only in the table context in zen page.

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I have this local, containing a list of books of arbitrary length:

set books=2
set books(1, "author") = "Alice"
set books(1, "title") = "Hello"
set books(1, "pages") = "123"
set books(2, "author") = "Bob"
set books(2, "title") = "World"
set books(2, "pages") = "456"

And I want to generate this PDF (there could be more than two tables), each book is a separate table:

The header is always the same (Author, Title, Page) but the number of tables would be different.

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Peter Kopp · Jun 4, 2018
link component on a ZEN page

When using the link component on a ZEN page the default behavior is for the link to appear to the right of the tablepane row. Has anybody changed this behavior so the link appears to the left of the tablepane row? Thank you in advance for any and all feedback.

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Philip McClean · Mar 14, 2018

I have a ZEN report set up to generate a file for loading to into excel (see attached). Even though I have DEFAULTMODE set to "excel" the resulting output file that I get on one CACHE instance is .xml while on another it is .xls. This is even though I run the report from the two instances on the same PC. Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong? The Cache version is "Cache for UNIX (IBM AIX for System Power System-64) 2013.1.6 (Build 950_1) Fri Jun 6 2014 17:43:51 EDT"

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