· Sep 5, 2022

Key Questions of the Month: August 2022

Hi Developers!

In August, you posted 77 new questions on Developer Community:


20 Questions to Make Meaningful Connections |

And now it's time to announce the Key Questions of August chosen by InterSystems Experts! 

These questions have already been highlighted with the #Key Question tag, and their authors will join their predecessors on the list of owners of the Key Question badge on Global Masters!

Here are the chosen questions for August 2022:

📌 Basic ObjectScript not working in Linux Command Line by @Phillip Wu

📌 Missing Ensemble Classes in IRIS for Health Community Docker by @Michael Davidovich

📌 OAuth 2.0 for Mail (POP3/SMTP)? by @Dieter Fiebelkorn

📌 Containerization Help by @Scott Roth

Thanks for all the questions! Keep them coming wink

See you next month!

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