Thanks Yaron for your reply.

We've done the upgrade to a number of partitions now and all worked fine.

Only thing to make sure that was found was to reboot the server that's expecting the D:, after the rebuild, for ISCAgent / connections when still active.

Thank you Peter (again - 2 of 2 posted queries solved!),

  Subsequent to initial post, I had discovered %ExportPDFToFile and got the 'simplest' MDX printing, but not gotten back to how to then retrieve Pivots' MDX for this.

  I'll most definitely be utilising %GetMDXFromPivot and probably a number of other .Utils functions from reading around that one too!

Thank you,

  I was not aware of these packages previously; unfortunately due to the implementation environment I probably cannot use this this time, but will keep in mind for future endeavours!

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