Ditmar Tybussek · Aug 31, 2022

Docker Container with different NLS Locale Definition (like DEUW)


I have a problem when starting the docker container that the collation is standard US


docker run --name iris1 -d --publish 1972:1972 --publish 52773:52773 --check-caps false

After the installation I like to import existing classes and globals but it failed due to an collation error 

We usually use DEUW = German3 

if I change it manually - in the management portal / NLS... -  to DEUW it works fine. (By the way.... the managemet portal  shows all in German due to the Linux version)

Question: is there a way to predefine/automate the NLS Local on installation? 

Product version: IRIS 2022.1
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Hi @Ditmar Tybussek 
Raw containers from ISC are always just US versions. (aka. international)
If you use Dockfile you have all freedom to condition  YOUR container according to your needs.

MgmtPortal: this is a good old  CSP feature that looks for the primary language of your browser
and translates your pages to DE if available.
Docker itself seems to have no idea about your environment.

%SYS.NLS.Locale  is the class to achieve this.
though it's not so funny
seems to be wrapper around ^%NLS and ^%SYS.NLS