· Aug 16, 2022

Whole Installation Partition Move, Potential Issues!?


  We have an IRIS installation on one drive "D"; the drive is a partition that is limited to 2TB in size; we want to move the entire D: contents to a larger partition-type not limited to 2TB.

The IRIS install is on D: as are all of the Databases the instance uses.

Are there any concerns or issues that should be considered or are not so obvious with doing this?

i.e. IRIS and all processes doing disk access to D: need be shutdown first (and a full-backup taken, all journals up to date for mirrors etc).

A new partition of E: created as say 3TB.

Robocopy (for example) the entirity of D: to E:, then relabel D: and O: (old), and E: becomes "D:", bring IRIS back up etc as usual.

...all is well?! all should be, just posing the question in case anyone has encountered anything odd or unexpected doing something similar... better to be safe than spending hours and hours rebuilding a server from a backup off a slow network-path... :P

Thanks in advance for any tips/tricks/catches/pointers.


  - Damian.

Product version: IRIS 2020.3
$ZV: 2020.3 (Build 304U)
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