Aaron Vail · Aug 9, 2022

X12 852 schema wanted

Anyone have a X12 schema for 852 types concerning supply chain?

Product version: IRIS 2021.2
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In my experience you need to purchase the schema.  You can go to to find out more.  Depending on your usage and needs it can be a bit pricey for licensing especially if you only need one schema.  If you have a partner that has access you could piggyback on there license assuming you have a working relationship with them.  Unfortunately I did not see any option to purchase just a single schema, though there was something like that in the past as I have a colleague that did so.  You can try to contact the org to inquire.

Ah, thank you for the information.  I just build my own in Notepad++.  

You can certainly do this.  Of course that means you have to maintain it for versioning and such.  I am also not sure on the legal licensing issues here if that is something that is a risk for you.  After all it is the content of the file that is licensed, not the file itself.

Best of luck with X12!