· Aug 10, 2022

API Calling from Ensemble?

I'm trying to develop monitoring API for the following requirements:


Component status - indicates whether the component (service, process or operation) up/enabled or down/disabled, and tell if there are more than two states (e.g. retrying, suspended)

Input: component name

Output: component state


Queue depth - indicates how many messages are in a queue.

Input: queue name

Output: number of messages currently in the queue


Last activity date - indicates the last time that a message was received by a component

Input: component name

Output: a date/time which corresponds to when the component last received a message 


I went through Monitoring InterSystems IRIS Using REST API doco but it seems mostly backend. Is anyone or resource is working on fetching data from the interface? Any feedback is appreciated. 

Product version: IRIS 2021.1
$ZV: Build 215
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To get any component status, you may use:

SELECT Name, Enabled FROM Ens_Config.Item where Name['Yourname'

To check queues you may use the following sql :

select Name,PoolSize from ENS_Config.Item where Production='YourProductionName'

Then, iterate on the result set and get the queue depth by:

Set QueueCount=##class(Ens.Queue).GetCount(Name)

To check latest activiy on a component, I would go to the:

SELECT * FROM Ens.MessageHeader where TargetQueueName='yourComponentName'

and then, to check the TimeProcessed