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Reduced the backup list to mvd  for a quick test...

*** The time is: 2024-06-04 16:03:43 ***

              InterSystems IRIS Backup Utility
Performing a Full backup.
Backing up to device: /media/FullDBList_20240604_001.cbk
Full backup of all databases that are in the backup database list.

WARNING - the following directories could not be backed up
 /data/IRIS/mgr/mvd/ Multi-volume database not supported

Nothing to Backup

I agree its a big feature with a lot of edges

I use these globals to take a peak at the calls:

	Set ^FSLogChannel("all")=1
    zn "%SYS"
    Kill ^%ISCLOG 
	Kill ^ISCLOG 
	Set ^%ISCLOG=5 
	Set ^%ISCLOG("Category","HSFHIR")=5 
	Set ^%ISCLOG("Category","HSFHIRServer")=5 
	Set ^%ISCLOG("Category","OAuth2")=5 
	Set ^%ISCLOG("Category","OAuth2Server")=5



in the fhir namespace.

Shows the route, params and helpful with oauth2/SMART where the route has to match the patientid in the token.

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