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Thats really good work, even follows the adapter guidelines.  Pointing the community your way before preceding down the post.

Looks like my process for pre-post searches to look for duplicate content needs a re-think:

These were goose eggs, so I proceeded down the path... however glad I played with duckdb and the plugins anyway.

@Regilo Regilio Guedes de Souza , late 2020 dropbox deprecated long lived tokens , and went to a refresh_token approach instead.  If you use the dropbox sdk the transition gets handled for you, but if not (and pretty sure we do not), what it entails is adding `token_access_type=offline` to the token request... this may need to be included a little deeper under the hood.

I see the MFT api has "IsAuthorized()" so it would be possible to do a check before hand in a process and manually invoke something, but I dont see the magic behind the UI's "GetAccessToken" in the UI.

Ill keep you posted!


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