· Aug 28, 2022

Implementing simple web interface, how?


Over time I have created an house-automation solution based on IRIS:
90% of my code is pure ObjectScript, with the most recent 10% being the use of Python libraries for specific tasks.
All of the above being terminal based up to now.

I would like to expose some configuration options / parameters via a very simple web page, to be serviced with the IRIS private web service (so I don't want to use an external Webserver just for this..)

My question:
how should I approach the creation of this simple, one page, web page?
Should I write it manually, in the "old" CSP way, copying some examples from SAMPLES, or is there an easy and fast way to generate such a basic input page using some existing libraries and/or tools?

I am Mac based, using VS Code. 
This is purely for my own internal need and use, so security/scalability etc play no role.


Product version: IRIS 2022.1
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