· Aug 31, 2022

Weird file encoding issue with %CSP.BinaryStream / CSP file upload

Consider the simplest possible CSP file upload/download page - you upload a file, it's saved in the database, and the file is immediately re-download via %CSP.StreamServer:

Class DC.Demo.CSPUpload.Page Extends (%Persistent, %CSP.Page)

Property stream As %CSP.BinaryStream [ Required ];

ClassMethod OnPage() As %Status
	&html<<form method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
		<input type="file" name="file" />
		<input type="submit" />
	quit $$$OK

ClassMethod OnPreHTTP() As %Boolean [ ServerOnly = 1 ]
	#dim %request As %CSP.Request
	#dim %response As %CSP.Response
	if %request.Method = "POST" && %request.GetMimeData("file") {
		set inst = ..%New()
		set = %request.GetMimeData("file")
		do"ContentDisposition","attachment; filename=""""FileName")_"""")
		set %response.Redirect = "%25CSP.StreamServer.cls?STREAMOID="_..Encrypt(
	quit 1

Storage Default
<Data name="PageDefaultData">
<Value name="1">
<Value name="2">


This works fine for most file types, but for HTML files (at least - maybe other types too), it doesn't work - both on IRIS 2021.2 and on an earlier version I'm running too. The resulting downloaded file has a BOM at the beginning and a NUL every other character.

Has anybody else fought with this before?

Product version: IRIS 2021.2
$ZV: IRIS for Windows (x86-64) 2021.2 (Build 651U) Mon Jan 31 2022 17:39:04 EST
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... ended up answering my own question in less time than it took to write it up. Solution (which might just be a workaround) is to force the content-type on the response to be application/octet-stream:

do"ContentDisposition","attachment; filename=""""FileName")_"""")
set %response.Redirect = "%25CSP.StreamServer.cls?STREAMOID="_..Encrypt(