Michael Lundberg · Aug 15, 2022

SQL insert/update removes spaces


I have a question regarding SQL insert/update from the mananger portal's SQL window.

I am trying to do an insert with a value that contains multiple spaces ($32) between two words. This is needed for a comparative reason. But the spaces are automatically trimmed away all the time. How should I write to keep these?


Insert into TableA
(MyColumn) Values('xxxx    yyyy')

then the spaces are trimmed away and it becomes: 'xxxx yyyy'

But I want to keep the spaces. How do I get around the problem?


Product version: IRIS 2022.1
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Did you check this or are you just saying that? What does this query show?

select MyColumn, length(MyColumn) from TableA

Thanks for reply.

This was tricky. Maybe I'm being visually deceived.

The text I am trying to enter is 24 characters long. If I take the selected value after and paste it into notepad, it shows the length 21.

But your suggestion to try SQL select length on that column/value shows the value 23


The only tricky thing is the (web)management portal. Put the following few lines into a "test.html" file and the open it with your favorite browser.

A   simple  text     with    some spaces<br>
<pre>A   simple  text     with    some spaces</pre>

You see the difference?


You are absolutely right! I was also starting to think it was the html presentation. But I initially thought it would be like wysiwyg in the SQL window of the portal.

Thank you so much and you explained the "conundrum" for me :O)

Regards, Michael