Scott Roth · Aug 19, 2022

SAM help

I was able to get SAM running with podman, but I am still unable to access the web page, and need a bit of help in troubleshooting as I am just trying this for the first time.

I verified the images were running by running podman ps

[xxxxxx@xxxxxx sam-]$ sudo podman ps
CONTAINER ID  IMAGE                                    COMMAND               CREATED         STATUS             PORTS                   NAMES
065776e769e8  localhost/podman-pause:4.0.2-1650363392                        13 minutes ago  Up 13 minutes ago>8080/tcp  d91a3f748861-infra
f78b9bc67c28        --web.enable-life...  12 minutes ago  Up 12 minutes ago>8080/tcp  sam_prometheus_1
a90d34a935fe      --config.file=/co...  11 minutes ago  Up 11 minutes ago>8080/tcp  sam_alertmanager_1
51b8ffff362d                                11 minutes ago  Up 11 minutes ago>8080/tcp  sam_grafana_1
2cd8071b051f    nginx -g daemon o...  11 minutes ago  Up 11 minutes ago>8080/tcp  sam_nginx_1


however if I go to the link described in the instructions 

In your preferred web browser, visit:

I am getting the following error...

How do I troubleshoot nginx running in Docker (podman)? Where do I need to look?

Product version: IRIS 2022.1
$ZV: IRIS for UNIX (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 for x86-64) 2022.1 (Build 209U) Tue May 31 2022 12:13:24 EDT
0 90
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@Scott Roth 
I don't use podman so I'm not sure how to check this but it looks like the SAM Manager container (a modified IRIS) is not up or is not healthy. Can you check if it's up and if so, check the log contents? Nginx is probably reporting a bad gateway error because the SAM Manager isn't listening on the expected port

Where are the logs kept for containers?

The logs are stored in the containers themselves. Using docker you can read them using the docker logs command. According to the podman docs, this is what you would need to run:

podman logs sam_iris_1

writing status to file: /home/irisowner/irissys/iscagent.status
Reading configuration from file: /home/irisowner/irissys/iscagent.conf
ISCAgent[15]: Starting
ISCAgent[19]: Starting ApplicationServer on *:2188
[ERROR] Required Linux capability cap_setuid is missing.
[ERROR] Required Linux capability cap_dac_override is missing.
[ERROR] Required Linux capability cap_fowner is missing.
[ERROR] Required Linux capability cap_setgid is missing.
[ERROR] Required Linux capability cap_kill is missing.

I found this link that references the error. I will make the changes to the docker-compose.yml

I believe this is the same problem described here. You need to add the --check-caps false command to the iris container in your docker-compose.yml file, like this:

    command: --check-caps false
    init: true

The SAM 1.1 distribution should have this done for you but that change must not have made it in. I think you can still enter the SAM 2.0 EAP if you'd like to start with the upcoming version.

I was able to get it to work once I added the command statement. Thanks.