Kurt Hofman · Aug 5, 2022

Caché & Office 365 (POP3/IMAP)


Is it possible to read an Office 365-mailbox over POP3 with OAUTH.

Basic authentication doesn't work anymore.


Kurt Hofman,

ASCI nv.

Product version: Caché 2018.1
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Kurt, please open a WRC for this question.

Thank you,



i receiving several mails via "EmailInboundAdapter” and sending via "EmailOutboundAdapter"

Now Microsoft will force OAuth 2.0 for Outlook365-Mails and want to drop POP3 basic authentication permanetly at Oct/1 2022. All have to use OAuth 2.0 then.

IRIS documentation is very tiny for OAuth 2.0:

A new paramter for a token is defined for "%Net.POP3.Connect()". But the token got only on authenication calls using ClientID and ClientSecret (last one valid for maximum 24 months). There is not support for OAuth 2.0 on EmailInboundAdapter, i think.

Is it be possible to implement an own Adapter using “%Net.POP3.Connect()” with tokens? Does anyone have experiance using OAuth 2.0 for Microsoft Outlook 365?

Many thanks for any hint or help!