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Hang  is not recommended to use in business component as the business component/adapter as the component or adapter will be blocked for that specified time.

However I would suggest something else in your code, to use Read($zutil(96,39)) instead of fixed value. $zutil(96,39) contains the number of characters  that a String can  hold.  If Intersystems  increase the number of characters for a string in future it will automatically take that maximum characters .

This thing happend with me before , i reported this in one WRC . This was solved automatically after few days. So i asked the engineer not to take any action on this as i thought it could be some connection issue from my end.  I guess there is some issue  with this but it was auto solved for me. I would suggest create one more connection with a different name the new connection should work. 

Thank you Eduard for the details, these are mostly Angular 1/Angular Js code which works in standard cache studio. I am looking for angular 2 or more , which does not work in standard cache studio.

We are developing code in visual studio code then creating build using ng build.

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