Sylvie Greverend · Aug 11, 2022

Cures Act - USCDI - C-CDAv21

Cures Act USCDI/ C-CDAv21 certification. I am looking for SDA3 examples for Newman-Bates-Kid/registry settings/advices on how to learn / whatever is helpful. InterSystems  xsl files are clean but I am not working very often with xsl. I am mainly looking at Provenance and Clinical Notes, the 2 last errors we have. InterSystems documentation, so far I know, is very poor: only classes and some pages. Support has a small knowledge about SDA3 -> C-CDAv21 even if they try very hard to help.

Of course I am wondering if my company is using an almost dead technology. Is everybody on fhir now? Are we the only one working on this certification?

Thanks for any advice


Product version: IRIS 2022.1
$ZV: IRIS for UNIX (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 for x86-64) 2022.1 (Build 209U) Tue May 31 2022 12:13:58 EDT
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I assume you are referring to 170.315(g)(10) certification. InterSystems is committed to helping customers get certified, but this is a complex process with many tests, administered through a test suite called INFERNO. I would urge you to contact your account representative if you are aiming for g(10) certification, which has a deadline of 12/31/2022.  HealthShare has many SDA transformations to FHIR that may be useful.

Hi Sylvie,

We too have been utilizing the SDA to CCDA xsl for MU certification until now and have been expecting the cures updates for USCDI which have not been done. Please let me know how you worked this out. I would appreciate any help. 

Thank you!