Thanks for the help Vic, Ben and Evgeny,

You have provide some good information and I am going to try both the Project in Studio deployment and also try the Ens.Deployment,Utils to see which one works best for our needs.

Thanks Evgeny,

Not sure if that ZPM Package Manager is available on the version of Ensemble our client is running. They are not ready to upgrade to IRIS on this project yet. But I will take a look at it. Never know when I might need it in the future.

Thanks Vic, the problem is we are one of two teams updating the production. Fortunately, both teams are working in separate efforts and are not working in the same classes in the production. The work our team is doing is creating new business services, process and operations and message classes. but the deployment happens by another team so I am looking to create a simple deployment package they would run to add our new components to the production. I am trying not to have to write a step by step deployment guide that tells them to create this business service with this class, this business process with this bpl, etc.

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